How You Can Disciple "Exponentially" More Men

Grace Community Church in Indianapolis, a church of 7,000 with 2,500 men, wanted to more effectively disciple men. After a couple of false starts, several of the lay leaders had dramatically different ideas about which way to go (in short, what the "model" should be). 

So they sent a caravan of fifteen men to attend a No Man Left Behind Conference in Cincinnati. In the seven years since, in the words of Mike Whitesell, the men’s pastor, the church “has increased in numbers from dozens gathering regularly to hundreds. There are presently hundreds of men discipling other men who have already agreed to begin doing the same within a year.”

Whether you have 25 men, 250 men, or 2,500 men, you also can produce “a crop yielding 100, 60, or 30 times what was sown” using the No Man Left Behind Model. You can more effectively…

  • Attract new men to your church, 
  • Help men who need Christ come to faith, 
  • Help lukewarm Cultural Christians renew their faith,
  • Give new believers and Cultural Christians an “on ramp” to grow spiritually, 
  • Assimilate men into your existing growth and service ministries, and 
  • Surface new servant leaders and disciple-makers for your church.

And you will be able to do this without adding a lot of new programming and work for yourself. Sound too good to be true? Here's a testimonial video from Mike and two of his leaders that explains what No Man Left Behind can do...

No Man Left Behind is not something you “add” to your already busy schedule. It’s not an additional “program.” It’s not a “curriculum.”

Rather, it’s a process. An "intentional" process. You overlay it on top of your existing ministry. It will give you and your leaders a common language to organize what you are already doing to maximize your disciple-making impact. And it will reveal new areas of opportunity to disciple your men—all of them.

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Until every church disciples every man...