I Know You Care, But What Can We Do?

We all know the culture is increasingly hostile toward Judeo-Christian values. I know you care, but what can we do?

Complaining doesn’t help. My Dad was such a sweet man, except when the evening news came on. He would sit in front of the TV and yell at the evening news, as though that was going to change something.

I do a lot of radio interviews all over the country—from New York to New Mexico, big cities and little cities, blue states and red states.  I do them on the telephone from my office. Whether it’s Atlanta or Albuquerque, I would say that one out of every five radio show hosts is just so angry at the way things are turning out. And they want to engage me to speak out against all these problems. It’s a very difficult interview to have!

Complaining may feel good, but it doesn’t change a thing. Perhaps that’s why Jesus never commissioned us to speak out against the culture. Instead, he commissioned us to go and do something about it by making disciples. Making disciples is something that will actually move the needle.

Everything can be turned into making disciples if we make it our core attitude. Sure, it can be sharing your faith or leading a small group. But if it is your core, it can also be the reason for letting someone pull out from a side street in heavy traffic. Anything that softens the soil counts. It’s what we can do.

Until every church disciples every man…