Use The Updated Version Of The Man in the Mirror

Over the weekend I met a man whose life was transformed by Christ in prison when, as a young man, an older inmate gave him a passed around copy of The Man in the Mirror and told him to read it. 

Please join me in asking God, in a similar way, to give other men who read the original to catch the vision to encourage the next generation to read the updated version. 

Why the updated version? Why not just give them the original?

A man went through The Man in the Mirror with a group 23 years ago. He's getting ready to go through it again with a group of about 80 men. Since he still has the original version, he wanted to know if he should use the revised, updated version. 

My response: "You'll definitely want to use the updated version. There is some new material, but the main change is that the illustrations were updated. For example, it was originally written before the Internet, Google, or iPhone. You can hand this edition to a 25 year old man and it will make perfect sense to him. As to the 24 problems, not much has changed."

Until every church disciples every man...