Why We Don't Need To Fully Understand The Bible To Be Saved

Recently I was talking to three men who love Jesus. Each understands and believes the "kerygma"--the gospel of how Christ saves us through faith and repentance. But they couldn't have been more different in what they believed about anything else the Bible teaches--the "didache." Things like end times, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, denominations, do dogs go to heaven--you name it!

While the Bible is clear about how to experience salvation, there is mystery on every page. One year I wrote "MA" at the bottom of any page where I found something mysterious, hard to understand, or that raised new questions. On what percentage of the pages would you guess I put "MA"? All of them! 

You can believe the Bible is true without understanding everything it says. Some verses have "necessary" meanings (they can only mean one thing). But a lot of Scriptures don't. They have "probable" or "possible" meanings--sometimes several.

We should all aspire to theological excellence, but let's be careful not to create a "theological correctness" that rivals political correctness in the destruction it does to people who don't see things exactly the way we want them to.

And by the way, even if you are a theological nut, you can still be saved.

Until every church disciples every man...