The Three Questions Every Productive Organization or Person Has Answered

Vision, purpose, mission, strategy, models, methods, systems, process, policies, plans, goals, objectives… These are the words that symbolize productivity.

But we often use different words to mean the same thing, and the same words to mean different things. There are, however, three questions that get at the substance of these words. And the people and organizations that are "getting it done" know "who they are" (identity) and "what they do" (purpose) because they have answered these questions:

  1. Why do we exist? This goes to "purpose" – the reason for existence. At Man in the Mirror, we call this our vision statement: "For every church to disciple every man." It's why we exist.

  2. What do we do? This goes to "mission." At Man in the Mirror, our mission statement is: "To help as many churches as possible disciple their men more effectively." It's what we do.

  3. How do we do it? This goes to "strategy." At Man in the Mirror, our strategy is: "To help churches create an environment where the Holy Spirit can inspire men through life-on-life discipleship." It's what we do – how we help churches disciple men more effectively.

These are also the three questions highly productive individuals have settled: Why do I exist? What has God called me to do? How does God want me to do it?

Knowing yourself this well is why some people produce 100 times what was sown. You will most be able to "get it done" when you know why you exist, what you're supposed to do, and how to do it.

Until every church disciples every man...

Patrick Morley, PhD Founder and Chairman, Man in the Mirror