It's Not Fair To Judge Christianity By Its Worst Examples

It's not fair to judge any group by their worst examples – whether politicians, lawyers, ethnic groups, families, or religions.

For example, a man had four sons. One became a career criminal. So what information about the other three brothers or the father does that give us? Of course, it tells us nothing.

Yes, Christians do, and have done, terrible things in the name of their faith, but they are in the minority and soundly renounced by the majority.

On the other hand, Christians do the most good for the most people. As my pastor recently pointed out, it's Christians who are sending food to displaced Buddhists in Nepal. What are ISIS militants sending to displaced Christians?

Humans are often compared to sheep in the Bible. Here's the thing. All of us are weak, prone to wander, inconsistent, undependable, and barely intelligible some of the time, and some of us are that way all of the time.

But when you ask, "What kind of people have really made the world a better place?" you come away with a different perspective.

So when the behavior of some Christians causes you doubt, don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Because it isn't fair – or logical – to judge the Christian faith by its worst examples.

Until every church disciples every man...