Are You One of the Few Left Who Hasn't Drunk the Kool-Aid?

As one Judeo-Christian value topples after another, doesn’t it seem like the whole world has gone mad? Every day brings news about another Christian who has chugged the Kool-Aid. 

If you’re one of the few left who hasn’t already drunk the Kool-Aid, here’s a chilling fable paraphrased from Kahlil Gibran, entitled “The Wise King,” to remind us to never give up or give in to the madness...

There once was a king who was loved for his wisdom and feared for his power. But in his kingdom there was only one well in the center of the capital city where all the population had to come to get water.

One night a witch poisoned the well so that all who drank from it would go mad. And that’s exactly what happened. The next day all the people, except the king, drank the water and went mad.

Soon the people were whispering to each other, “The king is mad. Our king has lost his reason. We can’t be ruled by a mad king. We must get rid of him!”

That very night the king, hearing of his people’s unrest, sent to the well and had a goblet filled with water which he then drank.

And the people rejoiced, because their king had regained his reason.

Until every church disciples every man…