Even More Encouraging Stories from Our Field Staff

The event I’ve had experience with is the Success That Matters seminar, used at Faith EFC as a kickoff for Journey to Biblical Manhood Challenge 1. This was the first Man in the Mirror event I’ve attended, and I found it especially valuable to participate as both an Area Director and Men’s Discipleship Leader. 

The seminar was very well received in general.  Brett did a fantastic job and related well to the men, connecting personally with many of them. Prior to the event, the process I spent the most time on with the leadership team was recruiting and preparing follow-up group leaders. I’m not saying we did a perfect job, but I think it helped a lot at the seminar to have the leaders in place.  Brett was “appropriately demanding” when it was time for guys to get into groups—I didn’t see any reluctance or push-back.

After the seminar, we chose an all-inclusive approach (Journey to Biblical Manhood) for Capture Momentum that may be overly simple, but I think it has been effective as a reinforcement of the content of Challenge 1.  We used our Constant Contact email database to send weekly messages, always inviting men to join an existing group but also offering them a link to view related online content. We linked to many of the 25th Anniversary Man in the Mirror Bible Study videos that corresponded to the session in the Life Plan the groups were studying.  After we transitioned to Man Alive for the Sustain Change phase of the Challenge, we linked to the corresponding Man Alive Bible Study video for each chapter. We haven’t seen high click-thru rates on the links, but some men are using that content.

Our pre-challenge assessments revealed low scores in spiritual disciplines. When we got to the Man Alive chapter about Soul Making, we sent an additional email with “Tools for the Journey.” The email explained briefly how men scored on the surveys and offered links to the article “Seven Tips to Develop Your Own Bible Reading Plan” and to the goTandem website, both offered on Journey to Biblical Manhood. 

Jeff Dionne
Pine Tree CMD

Rock Solid Men, the newest seminar offered by Man in the Mirror, is a 6-session seminar based off of I Corinthians 16:13-14. The men in attendance were introduced to the idea that while men want to "stand firm," "be men of courage," and "be strong," they also need to be aware of doing "everything in love." The "table talk" after each session opened up the opportunity for the men to realize that it is okay to display the affectionate side of being a man—and that it enhances the strength of a man. This seminar also introduces the idea of the D.A.W.G. (Daily Appointment with God), which really resonated with the guys attending the Beta Testing of the seminar. 

Since this was a Beta Testing, a church with a long-time relationship with Man in the Mirror was chosen to host the event. The Men's Leadership Team took on the task of putting the Friday evening dinner and snacks together, while inviting men from their church. While I didn't have to do much to help put together the Beta Testing event, there were huge benefits to the host church. They discovered in the process of hosting that they needed to renew their commitment to their men and the No Man Left Behind process. This has opened the doors to a re-commitment and re-dedication to No Man Left Behind and to accepting help from the Man in the Mirror staff and from me as an Area Director.

Pat Leupold
East Orlando CMD

It has been my privilege to host the Success That Matters event. (I also have one Success That Matters event coming in the fall and a possible second.) The Success That Matters event was hosted by my home church, with many of the leaders trained in the No Man Left Behind Model. Because of the training, there was very little I had to do to make this happen.  

Two things stand out. One, we established follow-up groups and one accountability group.  Two, we had 10 one-to-one mentor/mentee start-ups. This was our intended outcome and it seemed to be successful! 

I want to encourage you to get an event scheduled. These events were extremely helpful to me and great for the men who attended.

Don Lenzen
Land of Lakes CMD

The Success That Matters event we had at my church was great. Many of the men who attended felt that the material was practical and usable. David Delk presented it from his real life experiences, which makes it more believable.

We created eight small groups, which ALL lasted the full six weeks. Half continued beyond the six weeks. I think the biggest impact was the session about being a friend and partner with your wife. There were many re-dedications and a few first time commitments to Christ.  I have seen many of our men growing since the event. I definitely recommend it for any church looking to reach men with everyday struggles.

Chris Rondeau
Western Upstate CMD