The Ministry of Giving a Nudge

The Ministry of Giving a Nudge

Because I have pledged myself to God to have spiritual conversations with everyone he sends my way, I jokingly say I have "the ministry of home repairs."

Seriously, so many things go wrong around our house it's crazy. But then I reach out to the workmen.

Latest drama. We bought a camper and had a problem this week. This drama comes with a funny story I told at Bible study last Friday (airs June 19). It's too long to tell here, but it gave me opportunities to interact with 15 men this week – a new record for one problem!

The result? I was able to make a connection and give them each a book. Of course, most of those men I will never see again, but that's no reason to do nothing!

I call it "the ministry of giving a nudge."

Evangelism is simply taking someone as far as they want to go toward Jesus.

Evangelism is also not trying to take someone so far that it violates their sensibilities.

Evangelism is a process that usually takes hundreds of Holy Spirit-prompted nudges from spiritual friends and strangers over a long period of time.

Evangelism is trusting that our sovereign, loving, gracious Savior will blend our feeble faithfulness together with the nudges of other those other saints for the salvation of many. In other words, we don't have to "close every deal."

By the way, we did get the problem resolved, so I am writing you from a 64 degree campsite in North Carolina.

Until every church disciples every man…