We Wanted You To Be Among The First To Know

It is a tremendous honor to announce that David Delk has been elected as the Chief Executive Officer of Man in the Mirror by our Board of Directors. His official title will be President and CEO.  We have been serving as Co-CEOs for the last 18 months, and this promotion reflects the evolution of our current operating realities.

David has been with Man in the Mirror for 21 years. After spending the first years of his career in the competitive software industry, David answered a call to ministry and moved his family to Orlando to attend Reformed Theological (“RTS”) seminary, from which we both graduated.  He is also Phi Beta Kappa in mathematics from Furman University.

He and I first met in January, 1994, on a for-credit seminary trip to Israel when he was 28 years old. He was about to graduate from RTS at the top of his class, was President of his senior class, and was invited to preach the “Senior sermon.” Yet when I met him, even though many of his peers had been offered positions, David still did not have a job.

Now, 21 years later, it’s very obvious that God had reserved David for men’s discipleship. He has been a great partner as, together with our colleagues and donors, we continue to grow Man in the Mirror so that no man anywhere is without a credible offer of Christ and the resources to grow and serve.

Simply, David is one the most important and successful Christian leaders of this generation. He speaks and consults across the country for Man in the Mirror. He has a great talent for helping people remember vital truths from God's Word. His use of humor, illustrations and unique visual aids help men apply Biblical principles to life. David is the author or co-author with me of five books, including The Marriage Prayer, The Dad in the Mirror, and No Man Left Behind. He has also had articles published in numerous magazines. 

David has served as President of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men, and has served as a visiting lecturer in Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary. He lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, Ruthie. They have three grown children.

Please join me in offering congratulations to David for a well-deserved promotion, and a prayer for God’s continued favor on him as he leads us forward as the new CEO of Man in the Mirror.

My title will change to Executive Chairman, and my responsibilities will remain the same.

Until every church disciples every man…