Holy Incompetence!

"If I hear one more sermon about how there's nothing I can do to earn my salvation..." Have you heard this before? Maybe thought it yourself? While we can all use that reminder, we often stop thinking about God's grace having much impact in our lives past our justification in God's eyes. Once we're redeemed, we struggle and strive to grow closer to Christ, live out the fruits of the Spirit and live a sanctified life. Jesus promised "another counselor" to come and help us as we seek to become more Godly. Grace extends beyond salvation. Don't escape the cultural rat race just to get caught up in the spiritual rat race. Join Man in the Mirror VP Brett Clemmer as he opens the Scriptures to encourage us to get off the spiritual treadmill and enjoy God's power and grace and the freedom He brings.

The Big Idea: I am free! I can quit the spiritual rat race and trust the Holy Spirit to make me more like Christ.

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