We Can Solve The Two Biggest Problems Men Face With A Single Solution

Problem #1

Many men are in trouble. They have exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and the glory of God for an idol. 

The result? They are tired, disillusioned, and confused. Their marriages are hanging on by a thread. And their children don't understand why their daddy is always so angry.

They don't feel like anyone understands what they're going through – or cares. The stress is overwhelming.

It's a toxic situation. 

Some of these men know why they're off track, but most don't. If they could have solved their problems on their own, that would've already happened by now. 

Do you know men like this in your church, workplace, and neighborhood?

These men need help. 

These men desperately need someone to disciple them into the gospel of Jesus.

Meanwhile, we have another equally large but opposite problem.

Problem #2

Many Christian men desperately want their lives to make a difference. They love God and want to lead a life fully surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus. Overwhelmed by grace, they feel compelled to serve God as an expression of their gratitude. They want to live for the will of God.

But they feel stymied. They're not sure how to help, or what they have to offer. 

How does God provide to solve these problems?

The Solution

The solution that will transform the first group of men is to mobilize the second group of men to become not only disciples, but "disciple-making disciples."

Solving the second problem will solve the first problem too.

Because however the first group of men got into their current situations, the only solution is to disciple them out.

Why? Because making disciples is God's only plan to release the power of his gospel on the problems these men face. 

There is no higher calling and no greater joy than for a man to disciple another man.

But most Christian men lack the confidence to disciple other men – no matter how desperately they want to make a difference. 

That's because they need to be trained. They need a plan. And they need tools and resources to disciple other men.

That's where Man in the Mirror can help. 

We help churches mobilize men who desperately want to serve Christ to disciple men who desperately need to know Christ.

Want to get in on the action? 

Brett Clemmer, our President, has thrown down a challenge, "We're looking for 25,000 men to disciple 50,000 new men – and I want their names."

We are looking for volunteers – men who desperately want to make a difference. 

Learn four ways you can volunteer  at www.disciplemen.org. No matter where you are on your Journey to Biblical Manhood, we want to help.

 Also, it's time for year-end giving. As you consider where to invest, join us to reach the next 50,000 new disciples at www.mimdonate.org

Together, we can win the battle for men's souls. We must not, we cannot and, by God's grace, we will not fail.

Until we reach every man…

Patrick Morley, PhD
Executive Chairman, Man in the Mirror