A Perspective on Fundraising

A vibrant mega-church in our city was drowning in a sea of debt. They brought in a wonderful new pastor. He told the congregation, "Let's stop telling God how big this mountain of debt is, and start telling this mountain of debt how big God is." 

It wasn't long before they burned their mortgage.

Here's something I think about a lot – especially when we're trying to balance our budget in December!

The Big Idea: If we are faithful, God will provide all the money we need to do all the ministry God wants us to do.

This idea accounts for the sovereignty of God and man's responsibility working together. 

If we are not faithful, then we're not seeking God's blessing; we're depending on a "Hail Mary" miracle. 

But if we find ourselves striving, then we are not trusting God to provide; we're depending on our own strength. 

"Be faithful. Trust God." It's a Big Idea that, personally, I have never seen fail.