The Rhythm of the Donor

Something I sent to a member of our Field Team who decided to slow down with some donors...

You have great instincts. Your sensitivity to the rhythm of the donor is a good thing, especially since once a donor is turned off (by leaning in too hard) it’s almost impossible to reverse. Peace is the umpire and, since through prayer you don’t have it, you’re making the right call.

Stream of consciousness: We are a huge and passionate labor force focused on one thing: to help churches disciple men who will disciple other men. We believe the key to spiritual revival and awakening starts with building men. We pray for God to connect us with financial allies who share this vision. We walk the line between being faithful to let potential donors know what we do and that we are looking for those who share our concern (communication) and trusting God to bring forward the donors He wants to fund this great work (prayer). 

The business skills of selling are spiritual and deserve respect. Selling is about helping someone solve a problem they have—in the case of donors, where to responsibly give their tithes and offerings.