An Email You Can Send Your Pastor (D-R-A-F-T)

Are you passionate about discipleship in general and men's discipleship in particular?

Here's an email you can send your pastor "as is" or adapt to offer your help in the New Year.

Dear (Name)…

Merry Christmas! I know you deeply desire for everyone in our church to become vibrant disciples of Christ. Me too!

I have a couple of ideas and a willingness to work to make them happen. Patrick Morley often says, "Personally, I have never known a man whose life has changed in any significant way apart from actively participating in a church, the regular study of God's word on his own and active participation in a small group." 

What if we build the "becoming a disciple" part of our mission around three practical goals that would give men and women a way to measure their discipleship progress...

  1. attend a worship service
  2. read the Bible for yourself (e.g., four or more times a week) and
  3. join a small group.

Obviously there are other spiritual disciplines too, but these three are simple, easy to grasp, and if someone does these three things they will likely find themselves doing the others. We could build and staff two stations in the foyer...

Station 1: to mobilize people to read God's word (Bibles, reading plans, etc.)

Station 2: to help them form or join a small group (training, resources).

And it could be stated from the beginning, and repeated often, that a big part of "becoming a disciple" is to get equipped for service and to"make other disciples." Over time, we could build other stations in the foyer that offer training opportunities to make disciples (e.g., how to lead a small group), and for the other service and ministry opportunities in the church.

I could see it set up as a process – a progressive process that people ease into over the next couple of years. And from the congregation's perspective, these are simple and concrete goals at which each person could easily visualize themselves succeeding with your coaching.

What do you think?

Have a wonderful Christmas, and let me know how I can serve you in the New Year.

(Your name)