Advice to a Young Man About to Enter the Workforce

In the third quarter edition of Equipping the Man in the Mirror, we asked our Field Staff,

“If you were going to give one piece of advice to a young man about to enter the work force, what would that advice be?”

We had more great pieces of advice than we could fit in the magazine, so we thought we'd share them with you here. Add your own advice in the comments!

Be a learner, work smart, pray hard, love your family, and be humble but confident. – Bob Ryan, Arkansas

It is good to find work that you are passionate about, but do not let yourself be defined by your job. Find your identity in the fact that you are a unique creation of God. Work hard at your job to be a reflection of your creator. – Chris Ackerson, Tennessee

There will always be greater and lesser people in your life and work.  Treat them all the same to allow your integrity, honor and respect to shine before all men.  – Randy Williams, Michigan

Be honest, trustworthy, dependable and humble. – Steve Hess, Ohio

As you will undoubtedly encounter obstacles, don't be known as the one who only complains.  Better to be known for correctly identifying the problem and, if possible, offer a reasonable solution and be able to submit to your superiors if your resolution isn't chosen. – Wayne Burroughs, New York

Be patient and teachable.  Every job has frustrations.  Don't be quick to abandon ship and start over because of a foolish knee-jerk reaction. – Tim Burnett, Ohio

As my father told me early on: "As a human being, you were born with integrity ... and only you can deprive yourself of it. Maintain ... regardless of the cost." – Tim Smith, Mississippi

Show up on time.  Dress well.  Pass your drug test.  Be an active listener.  Stay focused.  Do what you’re told. – Wayne Morgret, Ohio

Surround yourself with strong Christian men that will hold you to the standards of being an Ambassador of the Kingdom. Do your job well and do it as if you’re doing it For God himself. – Reed Rideout, Ohio

God promises to give us the desires of our hearts. So, think...what is driving you? Your heart’s desire aligned with your "favorite transferable skills" will allow you to stand head and shoulders above the competition. – Mike Heller

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord ..." Colossians 3:23 – Dave Armstrong, Pennsylvania and Rob Hunner, Alaska (they both said this separately!)

Always remember you are working for God through the company. Show respect and God's love to all your co-workers and management. – Kent Schmitt, Texas

It is likely that the most difficult thing you will have to do all day long is to get out of bed and be on time… don’t screw that up and you’ll do great. – Chris Staley, Maryland

You carry more responsibility than that for your own performance. Other employees will be watching you as well as your supervisor. – Rob Hunner, Alaska

There is NO earthly substitute for being able to do exactly what God designed YOU to do. – Larry Niggli, Idaho

When you are given a task to complete or accomplish, work it until you are satisfied with the results.  Show completeness and have confidence in your work.  – Chris Rondeau, South Carolina

It takes a lifetime to build trust, but only a second to lose it. Show yourself trustworthy in all things, especially your relationships. – Ronn Read, Illinois

Doing the "right" thing, will almost always not be the easiest thing, but will always be the "best" thing. – Al Kolff, Wisconsin

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