Protests Are The Luxury Of The Free

These angry and sometimes rage-filled protests are one of the great luxuries of freedom. Most people around our globe would be afraid to be so angry.

Can you picture demonstrations like ours in places like China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, or Iran? Where else can you trash your President (if that’s your deal) so thoroughly, whether the one on the way in or the one on the way out, and not be executed or at least thrown in jail for a very long time?

Ironically, we get to protest against the system that makes it possible to protest. And we are blessed with the time do do so: Americans are not slavishly forced to find straw on our own to meet our quota of bricks.

Protests are the luxury of the free. The mere fact that we are able to protest, or to be protested against, is in itself a cause for celebration, but also for keeping things civilized.

A good response would be to have a spirit of gratitude, humbled by the liberties afforded by freedom.

A better response would be to not speak ill of anyone, to love those against us, and to pray for those in authority. 

What would your sign say?