What's The Best Way To Get Men Excited To Tell Other Men About Jesus?

All men want to tell other men about what excites them—from how great their favorite football team is doing this year to a new restaurant they just discovered. 

So what’s the best way to get men excited to tell other men about Jesus?

One approach is to explain—perhaps with great enthusiasm—just how important it is to tell people about Jesus. That would be the “because it is our sacred  duty, obligation, and privilege” approach. Or for short, the “beg” approach. 

But on the rare occasion when this approach does work, whatever got the man all “worked up” inevitably wear off, and usually within a few hours or, at most, a few days.

A better approach is to simply, repeatedly, and constantly help men more fully see just how wonderful Jesus is. The more a man knows about Jesus, the more excited he will become. 

Then, out of the overflow of his growing enthusiasm and love for Jesus, he will naturally be excited to tell other men about his new discoveries. “I can’t wait to tell Bryan about this.“

And he will share with Bryan without anyone having to beg—as though he would be doing God a favor.