Which Is Harder (Or Easier) To Believe?

Which is more believable? That from nothing a microscopic piece of inert matter “appeared” that contained within itself the power to suddenly detonate and expand its mass into a cosmos of hundreds of billions of galaxies which developed its own intelligence, gave itself life, reproduced into millions of life forms that feel and express love toward others, hunger, thirst, suffer pain and share the sufferings of others in pain, yearn for a sense of meaning and purpose, and crave to make a difference and leave the world a better place.

Or, that this wonderful world is the work of a pre-existing self-existent being of unimaginable and incomprehensible size, intelligence, and power. 

Even apart from the Christianity in which I do believe, it’s hard to imagine conceiving any belief system in which I would ever be less than a deist. If all we see did start with a Big Bang, how did it go bang?