A Group and a Bible Will Solve 90% of Your Problems

A man from Africa wanted to know about a money question. A man from Alabama wanted to ask about a purpose and work issue. A man from Alaska wanted to know, "How can I make my marriage work?"

Whenever a man from another city contacts me with a problem, one of the first questions I  ask is, “Are you part of a small group of guys doing life together? It could be in a couples group where guys occasionally meet off to themselves, or in a men only group?”

And the response is almost always the same, "Why do you ask?"

I ask because I’ve discovered that when men ARE part of group, these questions rarely make it to my desk.

In fact, I estimate that 90% of all men’s problems could easily be solved if men would regularly read their Bibles for themselves and do life together with a few other men in a small group.

Yes, it's that simple. Really.