4 Reasons To Give More Love To Sinful People This Year

Christians really need to stop treating people who live openly sinful lives with so much contempt.

First, we've all been there. And while we knew we were sinning, we didn't think it was that bad at the time. Remember?

Second, our smugness is just another kind of equally repulsive sin. "When you act like you're so much better than me, I just despise your hypocrisy."

Third, everyone sins every day. Who among us would at the end of ANY day actually want what we really deserve? Not me! We ALL need grace all the time.

Fourth, nothing rankles a sinner more than the self-righteousness of a Christian who has lost his or her compassion. "I may be a sinner, but at least I don't look down on people like you do."

God's love, on display in us, will always be the most powerful force in the world.

So let's try to show a bit more compassion this year for men and women still stuck in the sticky web of sin's deceit.

Love on!