I Know You Care, But What Can You Do?

I know you care about the devastating "men problem" that has America in its grip, and the staggering collateral damage in marriages and families it's leaving behind. But what can you do?

From personal experience, I know the vast majority of these broken men would just love it if somebody would sit down with them and have a real, authentic, meaningful conversation. Not one where they say later, "I could see it coming, I could feel it coming. I knew there was an agenda." No, no, no. Exactly not that! Just go grab a cup of coffee with a guy, ask him questions about himself, get to know him, and see what happens.

My life changed when one man cared enough about me to invite me for a cup of coffee. That one "event" put in motion a series of other events that led me to where I am today-loving God with my whole heart. Most of us could probably tell a similar story.

So here's the next step. This week I'm going to ask you to take a guy out for a cup of coffee (or breakfast or lunch). Pray about it, and the Lord will show you which one.

What do you talk about? Ask him about his kids. Ask him how it's going on the job. Say to him, "Tell me about your relationship with God." Just have a natural, authentic conversation. You're not trying to "close a deal" or "make a sale."

You're just having coffee.