A Prayer For Today

Our Dearest Father…

We all long to be more like Jesus. We all long to be united in love, faith, obedience, and service. In the flesh, we are inspired to give it our all.

But Lord, we have tried this before and failed. What will make this time different?

O God, we pray that today You would anoint our pastors to get us beyond desire, will, effort, determination, and perseverance – all of which we will of course still need.

But take us to the place where we will be able to walk out Your vision for us, Your body the church, in the power of your Holy Spirit.

We know that only in the power of your Spirit do we have any hope whatsoever to follow through and keep the pledges we all will make in our gathered churches today.

And Father, for the brothers and sisters who will try and fail, give them a way out and a way back.

And one more thing, Lord, give our pastors, teachers, and leaders the specifics we each need to sustain our changed and changing lives.

In your loving name we pray, Jesus. Amen.

Until we reach every man…