Update and Thank You

My goal has always been to reach as many men as possible – to help them find God's meaning, purpose, and plan for their lives, and to be in right relationships with Jesus and the people they care about.

That's why I write books. So when given the opportunity to update and revise The Man in the Mirror for a 25th anniversary edition, I saw a chance to speak into the lives of a whole new generation of men – our sons.

Of course, there was no way to predict how it would be received. But the new book has been tremendously successful. I'm grateful, humbled, and encouraged. My heart is full.

Then, in the last week of February during our annual field staff training, our team came together in a dramatic way. Yet another milestone.

On top of everything else, because of generous donors like you, last Friday we were able to make the down payment and close on a new headquarters building.

So today I simply wanted to publicly say thank you for supporting our mission in general and, in particular, The Man in the Mirror book, your local field staff, and the new building.

A million thanks to you, and all glory to God...


Patrick Morley, PhD Executive Chairman, Man in the Mirror