How a Cup of Coffee Could Change Everything

Every week men so tired they don't know how they're going to keep it together are driving by your church a dozen times or more.

They're physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted by the "me, now, fast" pace of our virtual reality, online culture.

Their marriages and families are a train wreck. They don't feel like their lives have purpose and meaning. Destructive behaviors keep dragging them down.

They think their problems are unique. They feel alone.

They don't think you would understand what they're going through.

But, desperate for help, one Sunday a man walks through the front door of your church with his family in tow.

Now what?

What would happen if, in advance of that man walking through the door, some mature Christian men would sit around a table and brainstorm, "Why did he just do that? What is the problem he is trying to solve?"

What if those same mature men decided to proactively engage those men with something as simple as inviting them for a cup of coffee?

It could change everything.

It could change everything for that man, his wife, and his children.

It could change everything for your church.

By the way. Any man who walks into your church will be striving with all his might to make it look like he has it all together.

He doesn't.

Make it safe for him to let you know what's really going on. Over a cup of coffee.

Until we reach every man…