What's Really Going On With Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has become the billionaire Howard Beale. He's channeling a lot of our anger. I openly confess that some of the things that make him mad make me mad too. Who isn't concerned about the direction our country is headed?

Disclaimer: this is not an ad hominem attack. Rather, I genuinely wanted to understand what makes the Republican presidential front runner tick.

So I googled "psych profile Donald Trump." There are lots and lots of hits, all with a similar conclusion: Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

What does that mean? Here are some of the traits listed in various places: Extreme feeling of self importance, a sense of entitlement, the need to be admired, lack of empathy, intolerant, controlling, insensitive, demeaning, degrading, exploiting others to achieve own aims, bullying, talking over others, putting others down, flying into fits of destructive anger and revenge if feeling obstructed or ridiculed.

A Vanity Fair article from November 2015 summarizes most of it (and it's short)... http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2015/11/donald-trump-narcissism-therapists.

Harvard psychologist Mr. Gardner said something that caught my attention: “For me, the compelling question is the psychological state of his supporters."

The question we could be asking is, who do we want channeling our anger, and how?

But a better question may be, is there a Joseph or a Moses out there who can speak to us, and for us, and lead us on behalf of God Almighty?