How The Devil Thinks About Reaching Men

Say you have 100 men in your church. After several years you finally have 8 men who meet at zero dark thirty on Wednesdays for Bible study, and 12 men who get together once a month on Saturday mornings to eat burned pancakes and hear a speaker.

That's 20 men involved in some form of life-on-life relationships! You feel pretty good about men's ministry in your church.

But the devil loves it.

Here's the problem. What about the other 80 men?

Here's the bargain the devil will gladly make with your church. "I will gladly let you disciple 20% of your men, as long as you give me unfettered access to the other 80%."

Getting a small percentage of your men into a "men's only" silo is the old wine skin we call "men's ministry" - and the devil loves it.

Here's the new wineskin: However many men you have in your church, that's the size of your ministry to men.

We call it "all-inclusive ministry to men." And the devil hates it when you start thinking about how to reach "all" of your men.

Until we reach every man...