Two Approaches To The Human Heart

The main difference between the Christian approach to solving human problems and the secular approach is how each sees the failings of the human heart.

The secular idea is that people do bad things, but their hearts are good. People are basically good, slightly tainted, and just need to be polished up.

The Christian view is that people do good things, but their hearts are sinful. People sin and fall short, the heart is deceitful above all things, and only Jesus can transform our hearts and give us a new nature.

People, including Christians, often rail at the Christian view of sin, but once accepted it makes perfect sense of the human condition.

And in this world, if there's to be any hope of living by our "new" hearts, since the residue of our "old" hearts remains so strong (warring against the Spirit), we must each day come humbly to the foot of the Cross and "renew our hearts" by making a full, total, complete surrender of our lives to the Lordship of Jesus.

That's the deal.

Until we reach every man…