A Perspective on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday

I think it's good that a few special days are set aside to shop for bargains. It's good for the consumer, the retailers (and their employees who need those jobs), and the people who receive the gifts. And it looks like a lot of fun.

But change came in 2012 when social media companies started Giving Tuesday, which is rapidly becoming a beautiful way to balance out Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the full Spirit of Christmas. "Giving Tuesday" just feels right. It has a ring to it. It unifies giving and spending.

If you're just learning about Giving Tuesday, get involved. Encourage ministries you work with to make it part of their annual calendar, if they are not already doing so. Make "special" donations today – give a little extra. Or, why not make Giving Tuesday the day you write your big year-end checks. It may be a little late for that this year, but you can plan ahead for next year.

Giving Tuesday is worthy of becoming an annual Christian tradition.

Every $100 you donate enables us to reach one more man: www.mimdonate.org.

Until we reach every man...

Patrick Morley, PhD Executive Chairman, Man in the Mirror