The Fall is an offense to human reason

Kicking off the year with The One Year Bible. Genesis 3...

Serpent: "God knows that once you eat from the forbidden tree, you will know everything, all the way from the greatest good to the worst evil."

Woman: "Wow! I can know everything." So she and her husband did the forbidden.

Together: "Oh my God, we're naked!"

God: "Who told you you were naked?"

Woman: "The serpent seduced me."

God to seducer: "Because you did this, you will always be at war with humanity."

God to women: "Children will be a blessing, but they will be born in pain. Husbands will be a blessing too, but you will have a desire for your husbands that borders on disease."

God to men: "Work will be a blessing, but for your whole life it will be as painful to you as the labor pains of childbirth are to your wives."

The Fall is an offense to human reason, but once accepted, it makes perfect sense of the human condition.