Our Flaws Don't Disqualify Us

Our flaws don't define us. Our flaws don't disqualify us. Our flaws are part of our humanity.

Often one man's flaw is another man's strength. For example, one man likes quiet people, so he considers an extrovert flawed. But being extroverted is what allows him to be a good salesman.

A flaw is merely a strength used to extreme. We all have them. Gideon misused his power. Elisha put a curse on a group of young men simply because they called him bald.

God uses our flaws for his glory. Of course some flaws are moral, but most flaws are likely to be poor priorities or bad judgment.

So give yourself a break. If God did not use flawed men, then he wouldn't have any to work with at all.

Until we reach every man…

Patrick Morley, PhD Executive Chairman, Man in the Mirror

My worst day with Jesus has been infinitely better than my best day without Him.