You Can Help Rescue a Marriage

Every day our staff and the disciple-makers we have trained are leading men to Christ, helping them rescue their marriages, and showing them how to restore their families.

Just one example: Brian fell in love with his female gym workout partner, and was plotting to abandon his wife. But while attending a recent Success That Matters seminar, God grabbed hold of his heart. At the conclusion of the seminar, he repented and recommitted his life to Jesus and his wife. In the weeks that followed, Brian said, “It isn’t easy to get her out of my mind.”

Fortunately, Brian has become part of a small group of men formed at the seminar, and they’re helping him walk through this (a main focus for us is to inspire men to become part of a life-on-life discipleship group).

Through our work we see this kind of outcome repeated thousands of times every year.

But we're out of space. Please read about the HQ building we have under contract, and why it's a critical resource to reach more men like Brian.

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Until we reach every man…

Patrick Morley, PhD Executive Chairman, Man in the Mirror

My worst day with Jesus has been infinitely better than my best day without Him.