Does The Fate Of The World Really Hang In The Balance?

We all keep hearing how the fate of the world depends on how we handle ISIS, rebuild our economy, abortion, the definition of marriage, gun laws, getting federal debt under control, climate change, and so on. And it's true our culture and way of life is under assault.

The body of Christ has problems too. For example, among us is a whole new group of people who are "done" (fed up) with organized religion. Millennials who are slow to embrace Jesus. And there's the disturbing trend of long-time Christians getting divorced.

But it's worth reminding ourselves that culture and Christianity have always been under assault. The specific issues change, but the underlying reason is the same: We are in a spiritual battle. "It is through many hardships that we must enter the kingdom of heaven."

It's also worth reminding ourselves that God is not constrained by who will be the next president of the United States, by what happens in the Middle East, or who becomes the ninth Supreme Court justice.

So do not be in despair. Do not panic. Jesus Christ is not surprised by what's going on. He predicted it. And He is winning.

The fate of the world does not hang in the balance of current events.

The fate of the world was decided long ago on a tree by the man from Galilee.

In times like these, most of us can do our best work on our knees.