Two Things That Differentiate Successful Christian Men From Those Who Are Languishing

This week I was talking to a man about where he is on his spiritual journey. Dan believes in Jesus, wants to be a good Christian, has tried the best he can, but he's frustrated that he hasn't seen more progress.

No man fails on purpose. No man wants to lead a spiritually tepid life. Some men figure it out, yet many men with good hearts, like Dan, find themselves stuck.

So what's the difference?

I told Dan that after working with men for 40 years, I've seen that successful Christian men do two things differently than Christian men who never seem to get it right.

That got his attention.

I said, "First, they read the Bible for themselves on a somewhat regular basis. In fact, there is scholarly research that indicates four or more times a week is a tipping point. Apparently, that's enough to begin developing a biblical worldview.

"Second, they are part of a small group of men trying to figure things out by doing life together. I told Dan that if he was part of a weekly men's small group he would probably have already sorted out the issues he was raising with me."

It's a little embarrassing after all these years that I only have these two things to offer. But it's true. Men who do these two things tend to find themselves flourishing, and those who don't remain stuck.

Until we reach every man…